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Repeat Policy for Standard Graded Courses

Students may repeat a course to increase their knowledge of the subject matter. In LAS, courses with grades of A, B, or C grade may not be repeated. Courses with grades of D or F may be repeated once without written permission.

In all cases, the original grade for the course and the grade for each repeat will appear on the transcript. The original grade will be calculated into the grade point average unless a student initiates a request for Repeating a Course with Grade Point Average Recalculation (only available to continuing students whose first term at UIC was prior to Fall 2017). Only one registration for the course counts toward the total number of credits required for graduation. A course cannot be repeated after receiving credit in a course for which the repeat course is a prerequisite.

To repeat a course more than once requires written permission from a representative of LAS Student Academic Affairs, and certain courses may not be repeated. Students who have been dismissed from the University may not appeal the dismissal on the grounds of intention to repeat courses.

There are circumstances under which repeating a course is advisable and to a student's advantage; however, there are also circumstances when repeating a course may disadvantage a student and narrow a student's options. Students should consult an LAS academic advisor before repeating a course. The Repeat Policy for Standard Grades Courses can be found in the UIC Undergraduate Catalog.