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The LAS General Education Core

The UIC General Education Core plays a key role in every LAS student’s intellectual growth and major exploration. Gen Ed courses provide students with a breadth of exposure to the academic disciplines and serve as the foundation for the knowledge, literacies, and competencies essential to becoming well-educated college graduates and engaged citizens.

LAS Gen Ed courses challenge students to recognize the value in learning diverse content, perspectives, methodologies, and research strategies from across many fields of study, from environmental to data sciences, cultural studies, and social justice. Within the context of a Liberal Arts and Sciences education, LAS Gen Ed courses promote equity-minded alternative ways of thinking about who we are, what we know, how we learn, and how we act in the world.

Just as importantly, LAS General Education Core requirements help students develop career readiness competencies such as communication, critical thinking, and equity and inclusion that pave the way for future professional success.

Gen Ed Courses: Academic Competencies Gained Heading link

Why is Gen Ed essential to my education? What academic competencies will I develop when I take Gen Ed courses? How can I talk to others about the knowledge and skills I gain in my Gen Ed courses?

General Education Requirements for LAS students: Heading link

* In addition to writing, foreign language, and quantitative course requirements.
Gen-Ed Category Required Credit Hours
Analyzing the Natural World Two laboratory courses for 8 to 10 credit hours.
Exploring World Cultures One course for 3 credit hours.
Understanding the Past One course for 3 credit hours.
Understanding the Individual and Society One course for 3 credit hours.
Understanding the Creative Arts One course for 3 credit hours.
Understanding the U.S. Society One course for 3 credit hours.
Two elective courses Two courses for 6 credit hours. Choose from any General Education Core category.

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