Research Strengths

The UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) supports and promotes research across a wide array of disciplines, ranging from the humanities to applied and basic sciences.  Cross-disciplinary and pioneering in its approaches and methodologies, the strength of our research resides in the many tools and perspectives that together shed new light on critical cultural, social, and scientific issues.

Below are some selected highlights of our research program in each general category, including a growing area of research strength: data science.

Health Matters: Reframing Modern Health Concerns
LAS researchers are redefining and addressing 21st-century health issues.
Urban Issues: Championing Social Justice
LAS is uniquely positioned in a global city to improve urban challenges through engaged research and community outreach.
Educational Research: Understanding How People Learn
LAS faculty are at the leading edge of theoretical and applied approaches to teaching and learning.
Fundamental Science & Mathematics Research
We partner with major Chicago institutions including Fermi National Accelerator and Argonne National Laboratories.
Harnessing the Power of “Big Data”
LAS is researching data science and the increased need to collect and interpret big data in our world today.