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Student Academic Affairs

Student with advisor


LAS Student Academic Affairs
3rd Floor, University Hall
Reception (312) 996-3366



Academic Programs Administration Heading link

Name Title Email
Rosilie Hernandez Associate Dean of Student Academic Affairs
Sherry Myers Director for Educational Policy and Academic Programs

First-At-LAS Heading link

Name Title Email
Marisol Mastrengelo Director for Student Success and Retention Initiatives

Student Academic Affairs Administration Heading link

Name Title Email
Brian Roessler Executive Assistant Dean
Connie Zdenek Director of College Analytics
Lizanell Benitez Business Administrative Associate
Tonya Jefferson Assistant Records Management Office
Araceli Rodriguez Customer Service Representative

Degree Advising Administration Heading link

Name Title Email
Sandi Hall Executive Director, Academic Advising Center
Sandra Picciuca Associate Director, Student and Staff Persistence
Abbi Allen Assistant Director, Administrative Process
Hilary Ozog Assistant Director, Cohort Advising
April Long Assistant Director, Departmental Advising
TBD Assistant Director, Degree Certification
Janine Myers Program Coordinator, Orientation
TBD Program Coordinator, Course Articulation

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Advising Center Heading link

Name Title Email
Alli Baird Academic Advisor
Sean Bala Academic Advisor
Nathan Bambenek Academic Advisor
Kaylena Becker Academic Advisor
Kelvin Boddie Academic Advisor
Jaime Camargo Academic Advisor
Jarvis Coenic Academic Advisor
Mark Cordero Academic Advisor
Megan Daly Academic Advisor
Shannon Ellis Senior Academic Advisor
Rachel Ethridge Academic Advisor
Iliana Figueroa Academic Advisor
Brandi France Academic Advisor
Sophia Lopez Academic Advisor
Alexa Maseth Academic Advisor
Deborah Molasky Senior Academic Advisor
Iris Mwale Senior Academic Advisor
Bianca Pérez Academic Advisor
Lisett Roman Academic Advisor
Cassie Rynott Academic Advisor
Rachel Schaffnit Academic Advisor
Salena Tucker Academic Advisor
Edith Sanchez-Saenz Academic Advisor
KiKi Wessel Academic Advisor

Major & Minor Advising

Pre-Health & Pre-Law Advising Heading link

Name Title Email
Misty Huacuja-LaPointe Director, Pre-Professional Advising
Anya Cruz Pre-Health Advisor
Curtis Kimberlin Pre-Health Advisor
Brad Mueller Senior Pre-Law Advisor
Rachel Ruane Pre-Health Advisor

Career Development Heading link

Name Title Email
Elizabeth Herrera Director, Career Development
Lauren Gallagher Assistant Director, Career Development & Internships
TBD Career Coach TBD
TBD Career Coach TBD

Recruitment and Engagement Heading link

Name Title Email
Justin Wier Assistant Dean, Recruitment and Engagement
Ashley Jarrell Assistant Director, Recruitment and Engagement
Casey Thayer Assistant Director, Recruitment and Engagement
Oscar Herrera Recruiter
Sandra Lopez Recruiter