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Dean’s Office

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Administrative Offices Heading link

Area Title Contact Phone Email
Office of the Dean
Dean Astrida Orle Tantillo (312) 413-7329
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Manager of Special Projects Katarzyna (Kathy) Lesinski (312) 355-0646
Administrative Assistant and Office Manager Alex Phistry (312) 413-2500
Executive Associate Dean of the College Dibyen Majumdar (312) 413-2510
Executive Assistant Dean Agnes Herget (312) 413-2470
Assistant Dean Beth Allen (312) 413-2504
Alumni & Advancement
Assistant Dean & Director of Advancement Arlene L. Cortez (312) 413-3468
Assistant Director of Donor Relations
Director of Development Cameron Watkins (312) 996-0046
Director of Development (312) 869-4089
Director of Engagement and Participation
Faculty Affairs
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Interdisciplinary Programs Anne Eaton (312) 996-4687
Finance & Human Resources
Associate Dean for Financial Operations Richard Alpern (312) 413-2509
Assistant Dean of Human Resources Karen Sholeen (312) 413-2508
Assistant Dean of Administration Laura Oliver (312) 996-2169
Director of Finance & Budget Montanee Wongchinsri (312) 413-2507
Human Resource Associate Jorge Martinez Romo (312) 413-2506
Business/Administrative Associate Jessica Salgado (312) 996-3364
Information Technology (IT)
Executive Director of IT Ron Versetto (312) 413-9017
Web Development Manager Scott Rozman (312) 996-3361
IT Infrastructure Manager Lalo Camacho (312) 996-9596
Help Desk Manager Jason McKinney
IT Tech Associate Ty Nguyen
IT Tech Associate Ryan Hannigan
IT Tech Associate Hank Chen
Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications Jannie Kirby (312) 413-4366
Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications Nicole Wong
Graphic Designer Myrna Romero (312) 413-9237
Student Academic Affairs
Executive Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs Brian Roessler (312) 413-2532
Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs Rosilie Hernández (312) 413-7563
Assistant Dean for Recruitment and Engagement Justin Wier (312) 996-0301
Director of College Analytics Connie Zdenek (312) 413-5697
Director for Educational Policy & Academic Programs Sherry Myers (312) 996-3366
Director for Student Success and Retention Marisol Mastrangelo (312) 413 2289
Research and Facilities
Associate Dean for Research & Facilities Luke Hanley (312) 996-0945
Assistant Director of Faculty Research Activities Anna Brailovsky (312) 413-4328