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Voices of LAS



Every college journey is unique!   Our students’ stories go beyond academics, activities, and grade point averages. When we talk to them we hear a common theme – support makes all the difference. That’s why we work to safeguard our students’ future potential and success through assigned advisors, free tutoring, professors who care, and a range of diverse and unique learning experiences.  We are invested in helping students maximize their college experience. Together, let’s build a pathway to your future!

Meet some of our students! ( Psst! Want to be featured? Get in touch with to arrange an interview. We’d love to get to know you.)


Clarissa Gomez, Mathematics Heading link

“I have been able to get so much support through independent studies and programs like LASURI for my projects! I was able to get involved in my research lab in my first month on campus. I joined the Naba lab in fall of 2019 and have been in the lab since. Participating in UIC’s Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) allowed me to get funded to spend two full-time summers in the lab, and each time I’ve been able to learn so much in a very short period. It’s really meaningful to see the concepts I learn in biology classes applied to cancer research! There are so many opportunities to get involved in different types of research, classes, and extracurriculars, and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”


LASURI: Research That Makes an Impact

Nicholas Jones, Political Science Heading link

“The LAS Career Development Office (Lauren Gallagher and Elizabeth Herrera) are amazing at what they do. I have spoken with their office since my first semester at UIC and have always had an amazing experience. They can help you out with internships, job training, and will work with you one-on-one on your career goals.”


Find Your Fit: Connect with Career Development

Corazon De Jesus Avila, Biological Sciences Heading link

“One of the best decisions I have made while being here was not only applying for the Honors College, but taking advantage of campus support organizations such as L@S GANAS, which aims to support Latinx students aspiring to pursue careers in STEM, and Medicina Scholars, which is a 3-year program that supports students that are pursuing healthcare-related careers. These are only a few of the support programs UIC offers for students, but I highly encourage you to explore everything else we have to offer–you are bound to find one that fits your needs and goals!”


Celebrate Diversity and Campus Community

David Wu, Biological Sciences and Philosophy Heading link

“I like to think I had the perfect blend of experiences with LAS. My philosophy professors were incredibly attentive, patient, and thorough. They taught me to think critically, seriously engage both sides of an argument, and become a more effective communicator. My biology professors were equally good, as they helped lay the foundation for my future career in medicine.”


Discover Your Passion: Explore All LAS Majors
classics anthropology university illinois chicago student

Why UIC? 

I chose UIC because I was looking for a place close to home that had ties to museums and had great programs for Anthropology and the Classics, and it was the only public school that had Ancient Greek on its course register. I have had a great experience with my professors. All of them have been attentive and available. I often end up discussing class topics after the class is over, and often we get into discussions that go deeper than class.


Michael Frederickson  |  Anthropology, Classical Studies
philosophy student at university illinois chicago

What did you enjoy most about your time at UIC LAS?

The best thing about UIC is that the school takes advantage of the location and has opportunities nearby that other places don’t have. If you’re going to a school in the middle of nowhere, there aren’t job opportunities immediately accessible to you while you are still a student. I know that the opportunities that UIC has afforded me are experiences that others don’t have.I will be more competitive going into the job market or law school.LAS is a bridge into the community. They know that their students’ work from business or biology or any other program is very specialized, but LAS is so diverse and touches everything that students have an interest in. I would have thought it would be very difficult for them to try to get students plugged into where they want to be, but they have done a good job of catering to the needs of different students and giving them all the opportunities that they need to succeed.


Adrian Delgado  |  Philosophy
french student university illinois chicago

What attracted you to your major?

Initially, I was in the Nursing program. Before I reached senior year, I realized I didn’t want to go into Nursing and that I really liked French, so I chose the Teaching of French as my major. I liked it so much that I ran the French Club for two years!I felt very supported in LAS and the French department. Professors are good at reaching out to students about different opportunities. They really pay attention to their students. The classes are also smaller, so we have a lot of one on one time with the professors.One of the advantages of the graduate program is diversity. Because most of the other students are from Francophone countries, you get to hear a lot of native French from those students. There is also a native French-speaking professor in our department, which is great!


Celia De La Cruz  |  French
sociology student university illinois chicago

What advice would you give to future students?

Start slow and get acclimated. UIC is the perfect place to do it. Take your time because from my perspective, you want to get used to the environment first. You will have a great time and really enjoy anything you pursue, even if you have to change your major several times. You will find your place.


Kobie Price  |  Sociology

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