The Chicago Tribune Quotes Sociology Professor Barbara Risman in a Story about Women’s Clothing Criticism 

The Chicago Tribune quotes Barbara Risman, UIC professor of sociology and LAS distinguished professor, in a story about a woman's letter to the editor, published by the University of Notre Dame student newspaper, that criticizes women for wearing the closely-clinging leggings to mass. The observations in the letter, which went viral on social media, furthers the message that "rather than women being equally important characters in society, they are seen through a male gaze," Risman told Tribune reporter Kate Thayer "Women are seen primarily as (their) effect on men." She adds that the letter shows women can be as sexist as men, but the response to the letter is a sign of generational change. "It’s another case of young women saying, ‘I won’t stand for this,’" she said. (subscription may be required)