The Center for a Public Anthropology Ranks UIC Sociology #2 in the Country

The Center for a Public Anthropology ranked departments in a variety of disciplines, including: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and, Sociology by their frequency of providing information to the public, comparing the ratio of media citations with public funding. Of the 92 Sociology departments ranked by the site, the UIC Department of Sociology came in second place.

This score is important, because it speaks to the contributions of departments relative to their resources. The Center for a Public Anthropology sought to celebrate those departments in which social scientists’ academic impact moves beyond citations in academic journals. This ranking ultimately demonstrates the social impact of scientists’ publicly-funded research, as it benefits tax-paying citizens. For UIC’s Sociology department, the ranking demonstrates that we use our public funding well, which is acknowledged accordingly in the news, thus skyrocketing us to the top of the list!

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