National Endowment for the Humanities Awards Grants to Two LAS Faculty

The National Endowment for the Humanities has released its list of grant awards and offers for 2014. Among the list of grant recipients are LAS professor John Monaghan, from the anthropology department, and associate professor Robert Johnston, of the department of history.

Professor Monaghan has received a $169,026 grant for his project, entitled "The Lord Eight Deer Saga," which will focus on the preparation for the publication of the saga Eight Deer, about an 11th century king in southern Mexico.

Associate Professor Johnston will again be working with the Chicago Metro History Education Center, which has been granted a $200,000 award, to continue work on the project, "Rethinking the Gilded Age and Progressive Era," which focuses on a four-week institute for thirty school teachers to explore new perspectives on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era in the context of Chicago history.

More on the project can be read in the spring 2014 issue of AtLAS, the magazine of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, via this article.