LAS Students Earn Major Awards to Study Abroad

LAS students studying various languages were very successful this year and were awarded various prizes to study abroad.

Annayeli Munoz, a psychology major and French minor, is studying in Senegal this spring. She won three awards totaling $9,250, including the Gilman International Scholarship. Munoz chose Francophone Africa because "it will allow me to learn my fourth language - Wolof -  in addition to my English, Spanish, and French."

Other students with a major or minor in language who are abroad in Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 also won substantial awards:

James Sit, and double major in German and French, studied in Berlin last summer then enrolled in a program through the UIC Study Abroad Office (SAO) for Paris this past fall. He decided to stay for the year. He won $5,000 in scholarship funding through SAO.

Rhiannon Muncaster, a Spanish and German double major and a minor in Russian,  studied in Chile this past fall and won $6,500 in support funding.

Amanda Gillis, a Spanish minor, won $3,000 to study in Mexico.

Devorah Hershkovich, a Spanish minor, studied in Argentina this fall. She won a $3,000 Gilman International Scholarship.

Simona Mirchiva, an Italian minor, won a $6,750 award from a key institutional partner in Italy to study there for the academic year.

Suzanne Oskouie, a neuroscience major and French minor, won $4,000 in scholarship awards for study in France this spring.