Assistant Professor Adrienne Massanari Quoted in Slate About Internet Culture

Adrienne Massanari, LAS assistant professor in the Department of Communication, was recently quoted in an October 16, 2015 Slate article entitled “Why Does Hate Thrive Online?” The article investigates how the historical roots of internet culture have led to a modern online environment in which “Internet trolling, bullying, flaming, and harassment” are all too common, and explores some of the underlying reasons for this.

“... University of Illinois at Chicago communication professor Adrienne Massanari notes that men branded as geeks are grappling with their own set of cultural prejudices and personal insecurities that situate them as weak, sexually undesirable, and socially inept and that some fight back by ‘valorizing intellect over social or emotional intelligence.’ ”

To full article, as well as additional comments from Massanari, can be found here.