ABC 7 Quotes Professor Dennis Rosenbaum About New Chicago Police Superintendent

Local ABC 7 News interviewed Dennis Rosenbaum, UIC professor of criminology, law and justice, for a story about the search for a new Chicago police superintendent. Rosenbaum discusses future outside oversight of Chicago Police Department and some of the priorities for the department’s new leader.

The article states, “Dennis Rosenbaum, a criminology professor at University of Illinois-Chicago, said history shows that outsiders are hired when the city is in crisis. But, he said Chicago is in a unique situation where an outsider may not be necessary.

“‘It's also about to face a DOJ investigation and some kind of consent decree settlement. And that will ensure that there's always going to be change going on in Chicago and there will be outside oversight,’ Rosenbaum said.

“Besides working with the Department of Justice, Rosenbaum says the next superintendent must get out and get to know different communities. He says that will be a big part of the job besides operations and crime control strategies.”

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