Upcoming Publications for Bannerjee

This spring, Pallavi Bannerjee, a PhD candidate in sociology, has the following publication forthcoming: “Paradoxes of Patriarchy: South Asian Women in Ethnic Labor Markets,” a chapter in Careworkers, Working Mothers, and Activists: New Research About Immigrant Women in the Neoliberal Age (University of Illinois Press, 2012) . The publication was co-edited by Sociology Associate Professor Anna Guevarra, Associate Professor Nilda Flores Gonzales and additional non-UIC faculty.

Bannerjee also has (with Xiangming Chen) published “Living in In-Between Spaces: A Structure-Agency Analysis of the India-China and India-Bangladesh Borderlands” in Cities Journal. In addition, she has a forthcoming article entitled, “The Burgeoning Field of Gender, Work & Organization: Insights from the 6th Biennial International Conference” in the online journal, Gender Work and Organizations.