UIC News: Studying the dynamics of interaction between youth, police

UIC News profiles LAS Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice graduate student Georgina Enciso in an article regarding her research into the dynamic of interactions between young people of color and the police. The article states:

Georgina Enciso wants to know everything she can about how young people of color interact with police.

Last summer, the Ph.D. student in the department of criminology, law and justice honed her research by way of focus groups in Chicago and Seattle.

Each group had 15 to 20 young people ages 18-29. There were two each — one African American, the other Latino — in both cities.

“I wanted to understand the dynamics of interactions with police — why they were negative, especially for those ages and [racial groups],” Enciso said. “There is a long history of troubled relationships.”

Working with Dennis Rosenbaum, director of UIC’s Center for Research in Law and Justice, and Ph.D. colleague Tom Christoff, she met with the focus groups in sessions that lasted three to four hours. Their work is funded by the National Institute of Justice.

The full profile of  Georgina Enciso can be read right here on UIC News.

Source: UIC News’ Gary Wisby