Study Led By Assistant Professor Heide Klumpp Featured in Yahoo! News

A study by a team of researchers led by Heide Klumpp, assistant professor in the LAS Department of Psychology, as well as the College of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, was featured in a January 15, 2016 Yahoo! News article entitled “In the Future, Brain Scans Might Be Able to Predict Who Will Benefit From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.” The study examined how researchers might one day be able to pre-screen patients to find out whether CBT will be effective for them, and, if not, start them on alternative treatments and medications.

“Klumpp and her team started out by scanning the participants’ brains while they completed a task in which they were asked to look at strings of letters and press one specific keyboard key any time they saw the letter X and another whenever they saw the letter N — a test of their ability to concentrate. Crucially, sometimes an angry or scared face appeared in the background — socially anxious people are known to be very sensitive to and distracted by such socially threatening images — while other times, the faces had a less distracting neutral expression.”

To read the full article, visit the Yahoo! site here.