Speech Given by Professor David Stovall Featured in Pantagraph

A speech by David Stovall, LAS professor in the Departments of African American Studies and Educational Policy Studies at UIC, was featured in a Pantagraph article entitled “King About More Than ‘Dream,’ Speaker Says,” which discusses Stovall’s speech and how Dr. Martin Luther King’s words are often misrepresented so as to not seem quite as radical.

“ Seldom do you hear the slain civil rights leader described as ‘radical revolutionary warrior for justice,’ said David Stovall, professor of African-American [sic] studies and educational policy studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. ‘We just stop at “I Have a Dream,” ’ Stovall told a mostly student crowd of more than 100 in IWU's Hansen Student Center. But King also talked about his concerns about the world entering a perpetual state of war and poor people and people of color paying the price for those wars — whether it's in Syria or the streets of Chicago, Stovall said. ”

To read the full article, as well as more discussion of Stovall’s speech, visit the Pantagraph website here.