Seven LAS Faculty Members Named to OSSR Grant Support Program in the Social Sciences

The following LAS faculty members are 2012-2013 OSSR Research Grant Support Program in the Social Sciences awardees.

Mitchel Hendrickson
Department of Anthropology
Tracking the Invisible 'Other': Using LiDAR to identify archaeological evidence of ethic minorities within the Khmer Empire (9th to 15th centuries AD), Cambodia

Claire Decoteau
Department of Sociology
Opening Pandora's Box: The Vaccine-Autism Controversy and the Social Construction of American Biomedicine

Rachel Gordon
Department of Sociology
Physical Attractiveness and Achievement from Early Childhood to Adulthood

Sultan Tepe
Department of Political Sciences
Understanding Competitive Authoritarianism and the Microprocesses of Hybrid Regimes: An Empirical Assessment of Turkey's Local Governance Reform

Alexandra Filindra
Department of Political Sciences
Migration, Risk Tolerance and Behavior Under Uncertainty

Brian Bauer
Department of Anthropology
The Mine of Death: An Archaeological Investigation of Mercury Mining in Colonial Peru

Kay-Eduardo González-Vilbazo
Department of Hispanic & Italian Studies
Psycholinguistic Evidence of Bilingual Mode in Online Processing