Recent Publications by Core and Affiliated Faculty



Guevarra, Anna Romina. (2016). "The Legacy of Undesirability: Filipino
TNTs, “Irregular Migrants,” and “Outlaws” in the US Cultural Imaginary.”
In Filipino Studies: Palimpsests of Nation and Diaspora (eds by Martin F.
Manalansan and Augusto Espiritu, NYU Press, pp. 355-374)

Guevarra, Anna Romina. (2015). “Techno-Modeling Care: Racial Branding,
Dis/embodied Labor  and “Cybraceros” in Korea, Frontiers: Journal of
Women’s Studies 36(3): 139-159 (Special Issue on Transnational Feminism)


Jin, Michael. (Spring 2016). “Americans in the Pacific: Rethinking Race,
Gender, Citizenship, and Diaspora at the Crossroads of Asian and Asian
American Studies,” Critical Ethnic Studies 2:1.

Jin, Michael. (In press, 2017). “The Japanese American Transnational
Generation: Rethinking the Spatial and Conceptual Boundaries of Asian
America” in The Routledge Handbook of Asian American
Studies, Cindy I-Fen Cheng, ed. (New York: Routledge)


Naber, Nadine  and Dalia Abd El-Hameed. (2016) "Attacks on Feminists in
Egypt: The Militarization of Public Space and Accountable Solidarity." In
Feminist Studies,  42(2).

Naber, Nadine. (2016).  "Arab and Black Feminisms. Joint Struggle and
anti-Imperialist Activism." In Departures in Qualitative Research.

Naber, Nadine (In press). The U.S. and Israel Make the Connections for
US”: Anti-Imperialism and Black-Palestinian Solidarity Critical Ethnic
Studies Journal, 3(2)


Su, Karen (2016). "My Birthday Present," *Revolutionary Mothering: Love on
the Front Lines*, Edited by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, China Martens, and Mai'a
Williams, Oakland: PM Press, pp. 225-233.



Kapadia, Ronak K. (2016). “Up in the Air and On the Skin: Drone Warfare
and the Queer Calculus of Pain” in Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader, ed.
Nada Elia, et al (Durham: Duke University Press): 360-375.

Kapadia, Ronak K. (forthcoming, Fall 2017). "Death by Double-Tap:
(Undoing) Racial Logics in the Age of Drone Warfare," in With Stones In
Our Hands: Reflections on Racism, Muslims, and US Empire, eds. Sohail
Daulatzai and Junaid Rana (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press).

Kapadia, Ronak K. (under contract, Duke University Press).  Insurgent
Aesthetics: Race, Security, and the Sensorial Life of Empire.


May 2015: WisCon Chronicles 9: Intersections and Alliances, editor,
Aqueduct Press.

Short work:
March 2015: “Jump Space,” How to Live on Other Planets, Upper Rubber Boot
March 2015: “Don’t You Want to Be Normal,” essay, DAME Magazine and Salon
April 2015: “The Devouring Night,” Truancy 1
April 2015: “Learning the Hour,” poem in United Nations SRC Society of
Writers anthology in honour of the International Day of Happiness 2015
December 2015:  “Eggplant and Unicorns,” Lightspeed Magazine
June 2016:  “Firestarter,” Myriad Lands, Guardbridge Books
July 2016:  “Webs,” Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
forthcoming, “Plea,” Lightspeed Magazine
forthcoming, “This is Our Work,” Uncanny Magazine