Professors Ogut and Pellegrino Receive 2014 University Scholar Honor

Two professors from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are among the recipients of the 2014 University Scholar award, which recognizes the scholarly and teaching excellence of UIC faculty members.  Professor Serdar Ogut of the Department of Physics and distinguished professor and co-director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute James Pellegrino are recipients from LAS.

Ogut, who also serves as the co-director of graduate studies for the physics department, has a research focus based around theoretical investigations of structural, electronic, and optical properties of materials from first principles. Pellegrino serves in the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Education, and holds research and development interests focus on children's and adult's thinking and learning and the implications of cognitive research and theory for assessment and instructional practice.

For demonstrated superior performance in scholarly activities in both research and teaching, and great promise for future achievements, university scholars receive three-year monetary awards to support university-related travel, equipment, scholarly materials, research assistants, or other teaching or research assistance.  A banquet will be held later this year to recognize the achievements of all the UIC university scholars.