Professor John Hagedorn Quoted in Cleveland Plain Dealer

John Hagedorn, professor of Criminology, Law, and Justice (CLJ), was recently quoted in a September 17, 2015 article in The Cleveland Plain Dealer about the release of noted gang leader Antonio Peterson, who is scheduled to leave prison in November. The article examines the overarching issue of gang recidivism, and how high-risk former inmates such as Peterson present a unique challenge for law enforcement trying to monitor them post-release.

" ‘Gang membership intensifies in prison,’ said John Hagedorn, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Illinois-Chicago who has studied prison gangs extensively. ‘They are much more structured inside prisons. [Convicts who are released] bring that prison mentality back to the streets with them. That's what they know. They'll use those lessons to control the streets.’ ”

The article, as well as Professor Hagedorn’s full comments, can be read here.