PhD Student Liana Peter-Hagene Quoted in Public Radio International Story

Liana Peter-Hagene, a PhD student in the LAS Department of Psychology’s Social and Personality Psychology program, was quoted in a January 8, 2016 Public Radio International story entitled “Would Photos of Violence — Actual Violence — Be Enough to Change US Laws?” The article discusses the potential effects that releasing photos from high-profile gun violence incidents (e.g., the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting) might have on the general public, and whether the reality of the disturbing images might change certain individuals’ minds.

“I think that emotional photographs, especially graphic photographs, can definitely sway public opinion,” Peter-Hagene is quoted as saying in the article. “Emotional evidence has a really strong effect on judgements and on attitudes.”

To read the full article, as well more comments from Peter-Hagene, see the full article here.

(Note: An audio version of this story can be found at the WNYC website, and another text version at The Takeaway.)