PBS Newshour Interview with UIC LAS Professor María de Los Angeles Torres

A July 20, 2015 PBS Newshour interview with María de Los Angeles Torres, professor and director of Latin American and Latino Studies at UIC, was recently featured in a September 18, 2015 article on PBS.org by Bradley Klapper of The Asociated Press. The article, entitled “U.S. Eases Rules for Travel, Business in Cuba,” details the recent rule changes which make it easier for U.S. citizens to travel to and do business in Cuba. The clip with Professor Torres examines how diplomacy between the nations will progress now that the embargo has been lifted.

“First of all, there’s fifty years of hostility, and I think it’s almost like the day after the storm. Now we have to see how many trees have fallen down and what we’re going to do with that. I think also, because of the intimate relationship the United States has had with Cuba, the fact that there are many Cubans living in the United States, the fact that there’s many other Cubans we’d like to come to the United States, I think there will be a unique set of challenges.”

The full article, and the rest of Professor Torres’ remarks, can be found here.