María de Los Angeles Torres Quoted in Chicago Tribune Article

María de Los Angeles Torres, professor and director of Latin American and Latino Studies, was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article entitled “Long Winter Absences No Longer Plague Educators At Largely Hispanic Schools.” The story discusses the lowering trend of Hispanic families taking extended, often month-long vacations over the winter holiday break to other countries to connect with their culture, which used to be such a prevalent practice that educators would have to scramble to catch students up once they returned

“[Maria de los Angeles Torres ] said the shift demonstrates how immigrant communities are able to assimilate over time without giving up the rich sense of culture they bring to their new countries. In many instances, evolved immigrant communities are able to give back to their new homes by adding ‘institutionalized ties’ such as the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, Torres said.

‘What it means is immigrant communities are resilient and can learn multiple cultures,’ said Torres, adding that Chicago becomes a richer place as a result of its evolved immigrant populations. ‘It's a place that allows you to straddle, if you will, multiple places and multiple countries to the benefit of the city.’ ”

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