María de Los Angeles Torres Quoted in Bloomberg Article About Carnival Corporation Cruises To Cuba

María de Los Angeles Torres, professor and director of the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies, was quoted in a Bloomberg article entitled “Carnival to Delay Cuba Cruises Until Cuban-Americans Allowed.” The article discusses the Carnival cruise line corporation’s announcement that if the Cuban government does not reverse its ban on Cuba-born citizens traveling between countries on ships, Carnival will delay its planned inaugural voyages.

“ ‘I think it has been shown that cruises are public accommodations, and they cannot discriminate on the basis of country of birth’ [de Los Angeles Torres says].

“As to whether the Cuban government will change its policy, Torres said it's difficult to speculate.

‘This is uncharted waters,’ Torres said. ‘We can assume they are interested in cruises coming to Cuba, in more business. This is actually a very controlled kind of business. It's perfect for Cuba. Tourists come in, but they are not really running all over the place.’ ”

To read the full article, as well as more comments from Professor Torres, read the full article here.