Lawrence Keeley Quoted in Science News Article About Ancient Warfare

Lawrence Keeley, UIC Professor of Anthropology, was quoted in a Science News article entitled “Attack 10,000 Years Ago is Earliest Known Act of Warfare,” which discusses 10,000 year-old skeletal remains recently unearthed in East Africa which suggest an act of “small-scale warfare” by ancient hunter gatherers.

“ Lahr’s report ‘is another nail in the coffin of the false idea that mobile hunter-gatherer bands are pacifists,’ says anthropologist Lawrence Keeley of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Evidence of lethal raiding by many modern hunter-gatherers, along with the Nataruk evidence, supports the view that warfare occurred among similarly nomadic bands of Stone Age people, perhaps by around 60,000 years ago, Keeley contends.“

To read the full article, visit the Science News website here.