Global Asian Studies Program Launches

GLAS open house attendees at UIC
LAS is proud to promote the Global Asian Studies Program (GLAS) which unites two academic fields – area studies and ethnic studies. This program combines  Asian Studies and Asian American Studies programs to reflect an innovative curricular and research agenda that attend to Asian diasporas, transnationalism, and globalization.

On October 26, 2016, GLAS celebrated its launch with an opening ceremony featuring Prof. Vivek Bald from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author of "Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America".

GLAS Minor & Internships

Students who minor in GLAS, by taking 15 credit-hours, have the opportunity to complement their major in other areas of study. This program helps students broaden and deepen knowledge of both Asian and Asian-American contributions through the study of history, culture, society, politics, and migration.

In addition to the launch of the program, a new internship pathway offers students on and off-campus internship opportunities.
The 1-credit hour GLAS 105 focusing on Asian American and Pacific Islander College Student Experiences leads to an on-campus internship. And the new 3-credit GLAS 250, Critical Issues in Community Engagement, leads to an off- campus internship with a Chicago-based community organization.
Students can earn academic credit for either on and off-campus internships through a GLAS 495 Internship Practicum. These internship pathways are AANAPISI initiatives.

Want to Learn More?

UIC students who are interested in learning more about GLAS can connect with the Global Asian Studies program.

Students who want to declare GLAS as a minor can connect with the program director or academic advisor. You can visit the website or read an article about the program.