• What is GLAS? GLAS is short for the Global Asian Studies Program, an exciting new program that is the result of the merger of Asian American Studies (ASAM) and Asian Studies (ASST) at UIC.

• Why are these programs merging? Because the artificial division between Asian American studies and Asian studies no longer makes sense in a globalized world where people, commodities, and cultures are constantly circulating. The new GLAS Program will expand the intellectual boundaries of the two fields and open up a new range of classes and career opportunities for minors.

• Beginning in the fall semester of 2016, all ASAM and ASST classes will become GLAS classes. Any student who has already declared an ASAM or ASST minor, or who does so prior to the fall, will have the option to either graduate with that minor, or to declare the new GLAS minor. Any credits you have accumulated under ASAM or ASST will transfer to the new GLAS minor.

• It only takes 15 credits to complete a GLAS minor, and there are only two required courses: GLAS 100, Introduction to Global Asian Studies, and GLAS 300, Global Asia in Chicago.

• The Director of the GLAS Program is Professor Anna Guevarra. She is on leave in the spring and summer of 2016. For any questions during that time, please contact the Acting Director, Professor Mark Chiang (