‘Finish Line’ Fund Established to Help LAS Students Graduate

UIC LAS Finish Line Fund

In the fall of 2014, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences established the Finish Line Fund to support LAS students in good academic standing who are within one semester of graduation, but who have a financial hold on their account, which prevents registration for their final classes.

There are many potential reasons why some of our students (about 20 a semester) find themselves in this difficult situation of being within a semester of graduation, but unable to progress towards their degree because of a financial challenge. Some of these students have exhausted loans and other forms of financial aid (or may not qualify for aid). Some of these students have encountered challenging family situations (like the illness of a parent, or the need to contribute to their family’s household income if there is a job loss). Last semester, for example, the Finish Line Fund helped a student who had unexpected medical issues and expenses after he was involved in an accident.

Regardless of the specific reason for the financial hold, these talented, hard-working, and promising LAS students are within sight of their Finish Line—their college degrees. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is excited to ask for support for the Finish Line Fund so that we can help more LAS students cross the finish line, get their diploma, and begin their journeys as college graduates who will change the world.

If you are interested in donating to the Finish Line Fund, please visit our giving page here and select "Make a gift to the Finish Line Fund." Or would like more information about the fund, please contact Katherine Veach, Assistant Dean for Advancement for LAS, at katveach@uic.edu or 312-413-3469.