English Lecturer Gary Buslik Quoted in Chicago Tribune Article About Shakespeare Exhibit

Gary Buslik, a lecturer in the UIC Department of English, was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article entitled “Historic Shakespeare Book Featured at Lake County Discovery Museum Exhibit.” The article discusses a Lake County museum exhibit featuring The First Folio, a nearly 400-year-old book published soon after Shakespeare’s death which includes 36 of Shakespeare’s plays. Buslik is quoted as an admirer of Shakespeare’s:

“Gary Buslik who teaches Shakespeare at the University of Illinois at Chicago said he has loved The Bard his entire life.

‘Shakespeare is my religion,’ said Buslik, who grew up in Evanston. ‘He's a philosopher. Some people find comfort in religion. I find comfort in Shakespeare's philosophy.’

‘The Merchant of Venice talks about the quality of mercy. It was philosophical,’ Buslik said.”

To read the full article, visit the Chicago Tribune website here.