Economics Professor Robert Kaestner Quoted in Washington Post Article About the Affordable Care Act

Robert Kaestner, professor in the Department of Economics, director of graduate studies, and head of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA), was quoted in a January 6, 2016 Washington Post article entitled “What Researchers Found When They Went Looking For the Jobs Obamacare Killed.” The article analyzes what has resulted so far from the ACA's implementation, and whether or not any concerns over employment decreases posed by ACA critics were at all founded.

“ ‘In general, there's been no evidence that the ACA has done anything significant to employment,’ said Robert Kaestner, an economist at the University of Illinois at Chicago and one of the authors of the working paper, using the abbreviation for the Affordable Care Act. ‘We don't have to worry too much.’ ”

To read the article, as well as Kaestner’s full comments, see the full story at the Washington Post here.