Economics Professor Emeritus Ali Akarca Quoted in Article About Turkish Elections

Ali Akarca, LAS professor emeritus in the Department of Economics, was quoted in a November 8, 2015 Daily Sabah article entitled “Strategic votes key in determining past two Turkish general elections,” which discusses the function of strategy and democracy in Turkey’s recent “snap elections” on November 1. In part, the article notes that:

“[Akarca] spotted that ideology in Turkey has not changed over the years, but strategic votes have been determinant in the last two elections. Voters did not actually change the party they liked most, but voted for a ‘second party’ they felt close to in a bid to either punish or give a message to the main party they supports. ‘They behave this way to check the power of the ruling party,’ he explained.”

To read the rest of Akarca’s thoughts on the Turkish elections, see the full article here.