Doctoral Student to Study Xhosa

Jochen Arndt, a doctoral student in the history department, was one of only 77 awardees out of over 1,200 applicants for the International Dissertation Research Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council for the 2012-13 academic year. The Fellowship, in conjuntion with the UIC history department's Bentlet Brinkerhoff Gilbert Fellowship and the American Historical Association-Bernadotte E. Schmitt Research Grant, will allow Arndt to conduct research at archives in Eurpoe, South Africa and the U.S. His primary research focus is to explore how 19th-century Europeans and African converts to Christianity constructed the Xhosa nation and ethnic identity of modern-day South Africa.  The Social Science Research Council, founded in 1923, is an independent, non-profit international organization that seeks to foster emerging research relevant to current public issues.