Distinguished Professor Deirdre McCloskey Featured in New York Times Article About Gender Imbalance in Economics

Quotes from Deirdre McCloskey, UIC Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, and English, were featured in a New York Times article entitled “When Teamwork Doesn’t Work for Women.” The article discusses a trend in the academic arena of economics where women are not offered tenured positions as frequently than men, potentially because their contributions to group research are not evaluated in the same way that men’s contributions are.

“ Many female economists have shared with me their experiences of research being taken less seriously simply because it was written by a woman. The great economic historian Deirdre McCloskey, a distinguished professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has a unique perspective on all of this, having spent the first half of her career as the male economist Donald McCloskey. Today, she reports that it is quite common for her colleagues not to acknowledge a point she has made until it is reinforced by another male economist. That rarely happened when she was Donald. ”

To read the full story, visit the article on the New York Times website here.