David Stovall Quoted in New York Times Magazine Article About the Term “Woke”

David Stovall, LAS professor in the departments of African American Studies and Educational Policy Studies, was quoted in a New York Times Magazine article entitled “Earning the ‘Woke’ Badge,” which discusses the new cultural significance of the word “woke,” and how it ties into the current state of social progress in America.

“The most prominent pop touchstone for ‘stay woke’ is Erykah Badu’s 2008 track ‘Master Teacher,’ in which she sings the refrain ‘I stay woke.’ Erykah brought it alive in popular culture,’ says David Stovall, a professor of African ­American studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. ‘She means not being placated, not being anesthetized. She brought out what her elders and my elders had been saying for hundreds of years.’ ”

To read the full article, visit the New York Times website here.