CLJ Professor Rahim Kurwa & UIC Great Cities Institute Researcher Matt Wilson Examines the Difference in Opportunities among Chicago Neighborhoods

Rahim Kurwa, UIC assistant professor in the department of criminology, law and justice, and Matt Wilson, a senior research specialist at UIC's Great Cities Institute, are among the featured experts cited by the Chicago Tribune in its local breakdown of the Opportunity Atlas, an interactive map of various outcomes — from income levels to rates of incarceration and teen pregnancy - for people born between 1978 and 1983 and details their chances of upward mobility by the neighborhoods of their youth. Wilson notes that the data reflects the deeply entrenched, generation-to-generation poverty that hasn’t changed for decades in certain parts of Chicago. Kurwa said the research is valuable but that it was important for conversations to get past "good and bad" neighborhoods and develop better strategies to bring success across the board. (subscription may be required)