Bette Bottoms Interviewed on WGN News During Story About Past Lives

Bette L. Bottoms, professor in the Department of Psychology and Dean Emerita of the Honors College, appeared in a WGN 9 News report entitled “Do You Believe In Past Lives? WGN’s Larry Potash Investigates,” which looks into the phenomenon of people believe they can uncover memories from past lives. Dr. Bottoms is interviewed to provide an expert opinion on the subject.

“When people [claim to] remember things, often we are recalling memories in ways that make us look better, make us at the center of events, or somehow relieve guilt. …

”Anecdotes aren’t evidence. Techniques such as past-life regression with hypnotherapy—there haven’t been clinical trials that were scientific.”

To see the full report, visit the WGN 9 website here.