2010 Article by English Professor Lennard Davis Featured in Independent News

An article about the Tea Party Movement by Lennard Davis, Distinguished Professor in the Department of English, was the subject of a Independent News article entitled “Outtakes—Anger Politics.” The article discusses Davis’s article “The Politics of Anger,” which originally appeared on the Huffington Post on October 22, 2010.

“ ‘Isn’t politics the art of the practical and the possible?’ asked Davis. ‘Government involves compromise and alliance. In the old days, politicians used to make strange bedfellows — nowadays, as in a marriage gone bad, they don’t even get into bed together anymore.’

Unfortunately, anger politics won the midterm elections. The Democratic Party suffered massive defeats. Republicans took control of 29 state governorships and 26 state legislatures.”

To read the full article, visit the IN Weekly website here.