New Student Orientation

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Getting Started...

Attending New Student Orientation is your first-step to beginning your journey as a LAS student.  It provides you with the opportunity to learn more about academic requirements, UIC's campus and culture, and much more. Meeting your dedicated LAS academic advisor, understanding new student expectations, and learning about available supports also will ease your transition to LAS and prepare you to make the most of your college experience. (Download the New Student Guide)

New Student Orientation will be your first opportunity to meet with an LAS academic advisor; academic advisors are unable to assist you prior to your participation in a New Student Orientation program. Until then, all incoming students should direct their questions to

New Student Orientation offers:

o    An introduction to your dedicated LAS academic advisor who will support you throughout your time as a student

o    An opportunity to better understand placement test results and explore course options

o    A chance to meet other incoming students and get to know more about the campus

o    An opportunity to select, review, and finalize your course registration

Incoming first-year students are required to participate in UIC's Online Orientation Modules in order to register for courses. Be sure to complete required placement tests as soon as possible to be able to complete the Online Orientation Modules.

Incoming transfer and readmit students are eligible to register for courses prior to participating in UIC's Online Orientation Modules. For the best course selection, it is strongly recommended that you register for courses as soon as possible.  Please do not wait until orientation or until speaking with an academic advisor to register for classes.