Social Sciences

The social sciences explore our deepest understanding of humanity and emphasize how to improve society through innovation in areas such as health, commerce, and social justice. Guided by LAS faculty, students can study everything from violence prevention strategies to the political effects of online journalism and social media to the relationship between mood and anxiety disorders. Recent social science course topics include medical anthropology, criminology, the sociology of youth, health economics, Latinos in Chicago, abnormal psychology, and the Constitution and civil liberties.

*Assessed a differential tuition in addition to base tuition. In these majors or specialized curricula, including pre-curriculum in pre-integrated health studies and pre-neuroscience, the cost of instruction and the teaching facilities are more expensive than in other disciplines. The income from differential tuition is strictly committed to improving teaching laboratories, and related equipment, and attracting high-quality teaching faculty who are leaders in their fields and require funds to establish their laboratories.

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Social Science Careers

Social science professionals use quantitative and qualitative information to make meaningful suggestions that help inform policies, programs, and approaches that can improve social conditions. Career opportunities for social science majors include social work, counseling, criminology, government relations, and public policy.

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