LAS Mid-Career Award

Professor explaining a concept in class

The Mid-Career award offers support to tenured Associate Professors in their efforts to produce important research that will aid their progress toward promotion to Full Professor.  Awards will provide funds for a 9-month, 50% research assistant for one year, or equivalent research funds, and a one-year “service sabbatical” during which the recipient is released from service obligations.   Up to three awards will be given each year, ideally spread across the various disciplines represented in the College.

Eligibility Guidelines:

All LAS tenured Associate Professors are eligible to apply for the award, but preference will be given to applicants for whom the award will make a more direct and immediate difference to the completion of research projects and progress toward promotion.

Application Procedure:


Applicants should provide a current CV (which should include tenure date and date of last sabbatical) and a research statement of up to two pages to Beth Allen by February 21, 2020.  The Executive Officer signature sheet should be submitted independently by the Executive Officer to Beth Allen by  February 21, 2020.
The research statement should provide a brief description of the current state of the applicant’s research, a clear statement of research plans, and a detailed description of how the research assistant or equivalent funds will be used to support the applicant’s research trajectory.  It should further also include (where applicable) a list of recent grants and any grants that are currently in the pipeline.
Applications will be reviewed by the LAS Executive Committee, who will make recommendations to the Dean.  Awards will be announced by the end of the spring semester.