Executive Officer Calendar AY 2019-2020


Date Activity
August 1: Review and Written Feedback: Faculty Annual Performance
August: First Pre-Proof for Spring schedule
August 1: Final NTT Faculty Notification of (Non-) Reappointment
Early August: Cancelation of under-enrolled classes
August 20: Provost’s Leadership Retreat
August 21: Faculty Affairs- Campus New Faculty Orientation
August 22: LAS Executive Officer Retreat
August 29: LAS New Faculty Orientation and Luncheon


Date Activity
September 3: FYI: P&T preparer workshop for staff
September 4: Monthly Executive Officer Meeting
September 6: Notification of P&T cases for AY 17/18 and mid-probationary reviews. Send departmental P&T procedures and departmental bylaws to Beth Allen
September 12: Dean’s Beginning of the Year Reception
September 13: Quorum Committee members to College
September 13: Diversity Council Members to College
September 15: Academic Leave Planning (2nd round)
September 16: Faculty begin RNUA process
September 18: FYI: Director of Undergraduate Studies Meeting
September 20 (tent): Sabbatical Applications
September 21: UIC Open House for prospective students
September 26: Draft of P&T cases (tenure code T-6 or lower, Research & Clinical) to Beth Allen
Late September: Sabbatical Reports (AY 16/17, Spring 17) to Karen Sholeen


Date Activity
October 2: Monthly Executive Officer Meeting (will be moved to another day)
October 3: Draft of all remaining P&T (promotion to Full) cases to Beth Allen
October 7: RNUAs due to Executive Officers
October 10: Dean's Office Hours
October 16: Director of Undergraduate Studies Meeting
Mid-October Summer 2019 Budget Proposals
October 29 RNUA Executive Officer review Deadline
October 30: Campus Faculty Award Celebration
Late October: Ethics Training Deadline


Date Activity
November: First pre-proof for Summer semester schedule
November 2: Final deadline for all P&T cases to Beth Allen
November 4: LAS Science Chair Investiture of Professor Russ Hemley
November 6: Monthly Executive Officer meeting
November 14: LAS Faculty Meeting
November 20: LAS Distinguished Professor event: Luke Hanley
Mid-November: Spring offer letters to TA, RA, GA


Date Activity
December: First pre-proof for Fall semester schedule
December 3: P&T: Clinical and Research cases presented to Exec. Comm.
December 4: Monthly Executive Officer Meeting
December 11: P&T presentations to Executive Committee (all TT)
December 12: P&T presentations to Executive Committee (all TT)
December 14: Fall Commencement: Graduate and Undergraduate Students
December 20: Cancelation of under-enrolled classes (deadline somewhat fluid due to holidays)


Date Activity
January: First pre-proof for Fall semester schedule
January (tent): Soft Money Budget Proposals for FY20
January 24: College Deadline for Campus Faculty Awards (Excellence in Teaching, University Scholar, UIC Distinguished Professor)
January 24: Nominations for LAS Standing Committees


Date Activity
February: Elections for LAS Standing Committees
February 5: Monthly Executive Officer meeting
February 6: Submit lecturer promotion cases to Beth Allen
February 7: Master Teacher Award
Mid-February: Sabbatical Reports for previous Fall semester
February 13: Dean's Office Hours
February 21: Mid-Career Award
February 27: LAS Distinguished Professor event: Amanda Lewis


Date Activity
March 4: Monthly Executive Officer Meeting
March 9: LAS Faculty Meeting
March 12: Draft of Mid-Probationary Reviews due to LAS
March (TBD): Director of Undergraduate Studies Meeting
March 16: Commencement Marshals & EO RSVPs to Edward Drogos
March 17: Executive Committee considers lecturer promotion cases, please be available
March 19: LAS Scholarship Luncheon
End of March: Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence Training (Title IX)


Date Activity
April 1: Hiring Requests
April 1: Monthly Executive Officer meeting
April 1: Summer 1 offer letters to TAs
Beginning of April: Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA) Training
April 3: LAS Distinguished Professor Award, LAS Faculty Service Award
April 4: IGNITE: Day for Admitted Students
April 10: Final Draft of Mid-Probationary reviews to Beth Allen
Mid-April: Decisions on low-enrolled summer 1 courses


Date Activity
May 1: Summer 2 offer letters to TAs
May 1 Faculty Deadline for Digital Measures Annual Report
May 6 (tent): Monthly Executive Meeting
May 10: Commencement
May 13: Initial list of expected P&T cases
Mid-May: Decisions on low-enrolled summer 2 courses
May 31: Deadline for Executive Officers to complete Digital Measures Annual Report
May 31: Academic Leave Planning Document (1st round)


Date Activity
June 1: NTT Faculty Notification of (Non-) Reappointment; “maybe” letters


Date Activity
July 1: Multi-year Offer Letters
July 1: Fall offer letters TA, GA, RA